WINE SCHOOL: Aroma Seminar II

WINE SCHOOL: Aroma Seminar II

From the fragrant to the foul: an introduction to aroma inquiry with Dr. Melanie McBride

Thursday March 1st | 7-9pm

IWEG Drinks Academy | 211 Yonge Street, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario

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Join wine enthusiasts and professionals as we invite back Dr. Melanie McBride to host another Aroma Seminar  co-hosted with IWEG.

While smell is often associated with memory and emotion, psychology and popular neuroscience won’t teach you to discriminate honeysuckle from hay, much less how to get them in front of your nose. Like wine, any given aroma source is shaped by complex environmental, temporal, material and sociocultural forces that contribute to valued (or unwanted) sensory properties, characteristics and qualities that can help you tell them apart. Drawing on varied perspectives, methods and cultural practices of smell and aroma, this ‘materials-centric’ workshop takes an experiential, ‘multimodal’ and hands-on approach to document, represent and communicate aroma as a form of learning inquiry beyond the ‘gridlocked’ rote memorization of descriptors. In addition to a tasting component, this workshop will introduce you to a variety of fine, uncommon and rare aroma resources, concluding with a ‘how to’ create your own ‘DIY aroma library.’

In collaboration with IWEG we’re pleased to bring a researcher like Dr. Melanie McBride. Sign up here:

Aroma Seminar II

More About Dr. Melanie McBride: Dr. Melanie McBride is a postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of Education at York University and founder of the ‘Aroma Inquiry Lab’ at Ryerson University’s Responsive Ecologies lab. Melanie’s research investigates the ‘hidden curricula’ of aroma culture with a focus on learning inquiry and DIY making practices with aroma materials. She has undertaken site-specific research of aroma-rich sites in Canada and France to explore the use of raw, living and processed aroma materials in various learning contexts. Her research contributes to providing more ‘ecologically’ situated and creative approaches to learning, communicating and making with aroma ‘from the nose down.’ For a more detailed overview of Melanie’s academic work and educational background please visit her website:

Melanie McBride