Why All Ontario Sommeliers should join CAPS

Why All Ontario Sommeliers should join CAPS

Jamie Drummond from the Good Food Revolution interviews CAPS Ontario President Sara d’Amato on “Why all Ontario Sommeliers should join CAPS”.

Over a platter of delicious cheeses and cured meats (as well as a few glasses of Prosecco) Sara tells Jamie about how CAPS has evolved since she was first involved, and where we stand as a professional organization today on both the national and international stage.

We are pleased to share the interview with you here:

Video: Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine


The Good Food Revolution are huge supporters of CAPS, both at the nationwide level as well as here in Ontario. We thank Jamie Drummond for this video and their on-going support of the sommelier community.

For those wishing to join or renew their membership, you can do so by going to the ‘Member’ tab on this site, or click the link below:

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