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CAPSTONE is the most comprehensive on-line resource platform exploring California Wines offering four levels of study: Introductory; Intermediate; Advanced; and Expert/Ambassador and is the “Gold Standard” of region/country-specific wine education programs.


Level 1 was launched with a free webinar in May 2021 and participantsreceived access to level 1 free. California Wines also awarded 10 full scholarships to the Ambassador program (two per chapter) with a value of $6000 USD and trip to California.

CAPS Ontario is ecstatic to announce that the two winners of this program including a trip to California are Jose Luis Fernandez and Paul Aquino. The scholarship committee awarded a third scholarship to Manuel Gonsalez for his sensitiveapplication. 

To watch the webinar please go to:

CAPS Members were given free access to the Level 1 – Introductory. If you haven’t already registered please do so at:

Now that you have enrolled in the program, we are encouraging you all to spend a bit of time investing in the program so that you can complete LEVEL 1 ($175 USD value) in a timely manner.

For those of you who have completed the first part of the journey towards becoming a California Wines Certified Ambassador, we are thrilled!  For your efforts, we would like to thank and reward you by providing  a link to Level II for all of you! Here it is: