CAPS Tastings – hosted by CAPS with Wine Industry Professionals

CAPS Tastings – hosted by CAPS with Wine Industry Professionals


CCTs are tastings organized by CAPS members for CAPS members. Community Tastings are opportunities to explore wine while like-minded enthusiasts share the costs. We are always planning ahead—send your ideas for topics and dates that work for you.

How do CCTs work?
1 – Pick a theme or topic (e.g. region, grape, producer).
2 – Choose the wines and calculate the total cost: this will be used to set the price of the tasting.
3 – Contact CAPS to arrange a date: CAPS will send out the invitations, track replies and send you an attendee list.
4 – Host the event.

What about ‘Brown Bag’?
We’d love to see at least two brown bag events per year, and if you have never hosted an event this would be a great way to get your feet stained with juice.  Participants bring their own wines, and you organize the venue and food.

How many guests?
Events are restricted to 12-16 participants.  Most events are in private homes.

Does my event have to be in a home?
No.  Other venues such as restaurants or private clubs are very welcome as long as all MBLL/LGA regulations are adhered to.  Remember costs are borne by the participants, when planning with a chef please keep that in mind.

What is the benefit of hosting an event?
CCTs encourage members to dig deep into a topic while enthusiastic fellow tasters share the cost.  The wine world is ever changing – CCTs provide excellent opportunity to try new trends, reinforce tasting practices and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.  And the cost is shared by all the participants.

If you are interested in hosting/co-hosting an event please contact Marlies.