CAPS Community Tastings – Call for Dates and Topics

CAPS Community Tastings – Call for Dates and Topics

Caps Community Tastings are organized by CAPS members for CAPS members. CCTs are opportunities to explore wine in depth while like-minded enthusiasts share the costs. We are always planning ahead – forward your ideas for topics and dates that work for you.

How do CCTs work?

1. Pick a theme or topic (e.g. region, grape, producer )

2. Choose the wines and calculate the total cost: this will be used to set the cost of the tasting

3. Contact CAPS to arrange the date:  CAPS will send out the invitations, track replies and send you an attendee list.

4. Host the event.

How any quests?

Events are restricted to 12-16 participants. Most events are in private homes.

For the 2016 season we are looking for events in the following months.

February, March, April, May, June

Does my event have to be in a home?

No. Other venues such as restaurants, private clubs, and wine store events are very welcome as long as they meet MBLL/LGA regulations. Remember, costs are borne by the participants, when planning with a chef please keep that in mind.

Does it have to be wine?

No. other “beverage alcohol” are welcome.

What is the benefit of hosting the event?

CCTs encourage members to delve deep into a topic while enthusiastic fellow tasters share the cost. The wine world is ever changing – CCTs provide an excellent opportunity to try new trends, reinforce tasting practices and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

What about food?

Unless otherwise stated these are not dinners, however the host is responsible for providing some nibblies. Please consider this when calculating the cost.

What about “Brown Bag”

We’d love to see at least one or two brown bag tasting events per year, and if you have never hosted an event this would be a great way to get your feet wet. Participants bring their own wine and the host organizes the venue and food.

Why the Member/Non-member price?

Simply, membership has its benefits.To give greater context, consider that CAPS is a young and growing organization working towards a critical number of members that will ensure a vital future. CAPS MB currently uses an extended mailing list that includes non-members who we encourage to attend CAPS events and tastings- but we want to entice them to become members. (Note: an event surcharge can be applied to reduce a first-time membership fee.)

Send your topics and ideas to Marlies and Daryl.