Best Sommelier of Canada Gala Champions Dinner – Sept 5, Victoria Restaurant, Vancouver

With little more than a week to go before the start of the Best Sommelier of Canada competition, final preparations are being made for the featured events including the spectacular ‘Gala Champions Dinner’ set for Tuesday, September 5th at Victoria Restaurant in Vancouver. The venue choice brings a unique West Coast flair to this event that has never before been held west of Toronto. The evening will prove to be one of the culinary events of the year as the restaurant will be rolling out an incredible 10-course menu. The event includes a cocktail reception with drinks made by the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, Champagne by Bruno Paillard along with wines selected by the premium portfolio of Lifford Wines & Spirits. The event concludes with an awards ceremony and the announcement of The Best Sommelier of Canada. Tickets are available on the events page of the CAPS BC website